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Enchant ForceEdit


Main Protagonists of the story  


Rival team from another school.  Their defining trait: off-Black hair.

Other Enchant Force members:Edit

Ruin Vanguard:Edit




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There are four elements and twelve colors :

Vita : Red/White/Pink

Fate : Blue/Silver/Violet

Terra : Green/Black/Cyan

Fortune : Yellow/Gold/Orange.

Vita beats Fate, Fate beats Terra, Terra beats Fortune, and Fortune beats Vita.

Each class has exactly one type weakness and one type advantage.

There are also six playstyle types;

Power, Defensive, Speed, Balance, Support, & Technical

Power = High amounts of damage, but tend to be squishy and immobile

Defensive = Very Tanky and tend to have great abilities for breaking an enemies' front line.

Speed = Assassins, these characters can easily dodge both Power and Defensive characters and widdle them down.

Balance = Jack of all trades master of none. Their well rounded stats and movepools make them great duelists in 1-v-1s. They are effective at taking down Speed types as they have more raw stats and enough mobility to keep up with them.

Support = These characters can heal allies in Co-op. Other than this, they have access to long range crowd control moves to help hold the front line.

Technical = Anything else; these characters tend to take attributes from other types. Technical types are rarely optimal at doing a specific job, however the diversity they bring can be useful for shutting down characters that would normally counter your team.


Each playable character in Dawn of the Breakers, has multiple classes to unlock and play with. For a more accurate description of a specific class, please see the character page for said character.

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